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FORUM 2010 Announcement

2010: the 4th Forum on Small and Medium Reactors: Benefits and Challenges


The 4th Asia-Pacific Forum on Small and Medium Rectors (SMRs): Benefits and Challenges

Friday, June 18, and Saturday, June 19, 2010
Berkeley, California

The objective of the series of forums organized at Berkeley, is to bring together the leading world’s experts and decision makers to establish a framework that could provide the science, technology and policy base for the development, deployment and life-cycle use of nuclear energy and nuclear technology infrastructure that meets global goals for safety, security, sustainability, and economics. The 4th Forum focused both on SMRs based on proven LWR technologies, as well as on innovative non-LWR designs that could provide increased benefits in safety, security, non-proliferation, and flexibility in siting, economics and advanced fuel cycle options.

Recognizing the global importance of sustainability, safety and security, and the need to address non-proliferation standards, waste minimization and economics aspects of innovative nuclear power systems, the 4th Forum included invited participants from USA, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, France, Russia and representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency. We brought together approximately seventy experts and leaders from industry, universities, national laboratories, government, and international organizations to identify Small and Medium Reactor innovations and issues associated with safe, secure, sustainable and economical nuclear energy systems. The 4th Forum sessions addressed the benefits and challenges of Small and Medium Reactors through the following main topics:

  • Small and Medium Reactors for Early Deployment
  • Advanced Concepts of Small and Medium Reactors
  • Meeting the Challenges of Regulatory, Economical and Scalability Issues
  • Meeting the Challenges of Proliferation Resistance and Energy Security Issues
The 4th Forum also provided updates on recent developments in nuclear energy in the Asia-Pacific region.

   Download The 4th Asia Pacific Forum on SMRs Agenda

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